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Jeremy Conner

As a teenager, Jeremy started cooking professionally in a fast food kitchen before moving on to a beachfront restaurant in Pensacola. Throughout college he continued cooking while trying to figure out which major would set him on the right course. After a few years he realized he had already been practicing his passion, so he completed his two-year degree and went back to cooking full-time.

He started working at the Village Café in 2008 under “Chef to Watch” Jude Tauzin to further refine his skills after school. “My cooking style is an amalgamation of bright Emerald Coast cuisine and heartier Cajun fare,” Jeremy says. “We really try to incorporate as many local ingredients as we can, so I let them speak for themselves in a very Alice Waters kind of way.” Conner now specializes in pop-up dinners through his Pig and Plough series. These dinners celebrate Louisiana foodways by promoting chef collaborations and foods grown in Louisiana. This allows Conner to take advantage of his terrific relationships with some of the farmers and fishermen in the Lafayette area.
Today, Conner’s main energy is focused on the Cellar Salt Co. Connor co-founded Cellar Salt, a Lafayette-based company that crafts a premium sea salt from the Gulf of Mexico. Conner’s primary product at Cellar Salt Co. is a pure flake finishing salt handcrafted from Gulf water, but the company also crafts small batches of flavored salts and limited edition salts from micro-habitats with their own merroir such as specific oyster beds.

Jeremy Conner


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